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  • release Date: 2013
  • (Sling TV) Movie Stream Snowpiercer MV5BMTQ3NzA1MTY3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzE2Mzg5MTE@._V1_UY113_CR0,0,76,113_AL_
  • Bong Joon Ho
  • Sci-Fi
  • It's 2031, seventeen years after authorities in seventy-nine countries decided collectively to combat global warming with the coolant CW-7. The result was the Earth being immediately sent into a deep freeze, killing all human life except a handful who now live on an "ark", a revolutionary train built before 2014 by a train aficionado named Wilford (Ed Harris), the train which at that time was considered useless and self-indulgent. The train is required to be constantly moving to generate energy for life inside, it which circumnavigates the globe on a single continuous track once every year. The train is still controlled in all of its aspects by Wilford, who has created three separate classes housed in different parts of the train: the privileged "one percent", who are at the front of the train, the workers who support both ends and occupy the middle of the train, and the "tail people", the masses who live at the back of the train like cattle in a windowless cattle car, they being solely fed protein bars, whose ingredients the tail people do not know. The face of Wilford's ideology to those in the tail end is Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), as Wilford never ventures to that end of the train. Some of the policies which Wilford has implemented is taking many of the children from the tail end for an unknown purpose never to be seen by the people in the tail end again, and committing occasional indiscriminate genocide in the tail end, most of the tail people believing as a method of population control, and to demonstrate his dictatorial power in an effort to have a complacent populace amongst the masses. There have been many attempts of revolution by the tail people in the past, all quashed by Wilford. Curtis (Chris Evans), one of the tail people, wants to attempt another revolution, he believing all past attempts having failed because they have focused on Wilford, as opposed to what he feels needs to occur for power: take control of the engine at the front. Supporting Curtis in this fight are, amongst others: Gilliam (Sir John Hurt), the wise old man; Edgar (Jamie Bell), who Curtis took under his wing when he became orphaned in the early years; and Tanya (Octavia Spencer) and Andrew (Ewen Bremner), who want to find their children taken away. Along the way, they have to co-opt Namgoong Minsoo (Song Kang-ho), an addict of a synthetic hallucinogen called Kronole, he who designed the security system, namely the locking mechanism of the gates between all the train cars. As Curtis and his team try to work their way from car to car from the tail to the front, their priorities are influenced by what they see, what they learn, and by revelations including secrets from their individual pasts

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Snowpiercer full movie stream hd.
Maybe the true plot of the movie is how the polar bear got his meal that day.
I kinda wanna see little miss sunshine kick some ass. Looks interesting.
So I’ve been looking at this for a while now, debating whether or not to spend two hours of my time on something that looked like a slightly different take of Elysium (2013) but I recently took the plunge and watched Snowpiercer (2013.
The film follows the premise that the world grew too warm due to global warming. The answer to this was a drastic climate control experiment which was aimed at cooling the world. It did this, but a little too much and entered the world into a very sudden ice age. The only survivors of all of humanity now reside on a train, a modern Noah’s Ark. The train is ripe with inequality and injustice with the class war being the main focus. The poor people want to get to first class and take over the train.
I was hesitant to watch this because, as I mentioned before, the premise sounded rather similar to Elysium. Yes there were similarities but where Elysium dealt more with the superficial issues surrounding class war mixing in some impressive CGI, Snowpiercer got down to the gritty realism of such a divide. Showing us that what separates the two classes is something as small as the ticket they bought when boarding the train. It showed us the self-righteousness of the upper-class and the extent they went to in order to preserve their paradise and the disgusting things they were willing to do.
We see the lead character Curtis (Chris Evans) become the leader of the tail end of the train and orchestrate a rebellion. It’s refreshing to see Chris in a role which doesn’t require him to take his top off, much to the distress of female audiences I’m sure. He still plays a character who knows how to kick ass but there is more to him than that. He has a story we care about, dropping little clues throughout the film which all tie together nicely later on. He was a character I liked, I rooted for him, even after some truths come out.
The supporting roles were filled nicely, none more so than by John Hurt, Jamie Bell and Octavia Spencer, all giving some great performances that we have come to expect from these three.
One of the things I absolutely loved about this film, and one of the areas in which it differs to Elysium, was the action scenes. It was primarily hand-to-hand combat as the underclass makes their way through the train. I’m talking axes, daggers, spears and of course the good old fashioned fist. But what makes it go from good to great is the direction of these scenes, it was outstanding. The camera angles made you feel like you were there, then the next minute take you right back out of the action, looking in, horrifying you with the fighting before you.
This was a film that takes place in the future where everyone has regressed to the past. The pure savagery of the film, the hate that slowly builds in you towards the upper-class and the way that can turn within seconds is something I haven’t seen in a while. Some fight scenes were reminiscent of Oldboy (2003) with the sheer violence mixed with the compact nature of the environment giving both side the savagery that comes when you have nowhere to go apart from forward.
So if you, like me, have been pondering over whether to spend two hours watching something that, on the surface, sounds unoriginal then I implore you to give it a go. The two hours fly by and you will not be disappointed.


Didn’t really like the film. loved your analysis of it. made me see it in a different light.
Anyone know what happened to the bald booked egg guy.
I see potential in this film but samuel l jackson should just stick with the avengers and i don’t see colin powell as a badass.


Movie Stream snowpiercer.
Snowpiercer + World War Z = Train To Busan.
This movie is awesome idk why its so I feel a part 2 is coming.
Anyone in 2019.
I watched this movie for the first time 2 months ago. I first started liking Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast. He is handsome.
Movie stream snowpiercer willy wonka.
I love this movie. I noticed how the presentation was just as important as the actual message.
Snowpiercer movie stream.
Snowpiercer full movie stream.
Why everyfilm no sub ita.
Seneca Crane. long time no see…

This reminds me of metro 2033 + bioshock.
I’d watch it if Daveed Diggs breaks into a full-on rap battle Hamilton style.
When Greg runs up on you, just drop the keys.

Highest level of discretion, throws grenade out of the window

The conspiracy thats this is the sequel of willy wonka Fs with me.

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